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Do you suffer from dry eyes? You may have blepharitis - an extremely common cause of dry eyes in people over 40 (although it can develop at any age).


Blepharitis is a visible inflammation of the eyelids, typically at the spot where the eyelashes grow. This condition develops when the tiny oil glands near the base of the lashes become clogged, leading to redness and irritation.

Blepharitis is classified into two types:

  • Anterior (there are different causes - staphylococcal infections, seborrheic dermatitis, allergies or mite infestation

  • Posterior (the common cause is oily glands secretion becomes abnormal)


  • More frequent blinking

  • Itching

  • Red and watery eyes

  • Loss of eyelashes

  • Burning or soreness

  • Greasy appearance


  • Cleaning daily with a warm, clean cloth

  • Medications for inflammation and infection

  • Treating an underlying condition

Blepharitis is a chronic condition, but we can help to control the symptoms. Although, the very important thing is good eyelid hygiene.


We have a fantastic range of products to help relieve the symptoms.

Are you in pain? Schedule the appointment with our optometrist in Peabody / Swampscott!




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