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Contact Lenses

Eyeglasses and contacts both are good for eyes, choosing between them depends on individuals and medical factors. Many people prefer to switch regularly between contact lenses and eyeglasses, depending on the activity they’re performing.Even if you wear contacts as your primary means of vision correction, you should also have a pair of back-up glasses in case you need to stop wearing contacts or simply want to give your eyes a break.

We are at our AVC Vision in Swampscott and Peabody can help you to choose any type of eyeglasses and contact lenses. Only contact lenses make you feel confident at any time.

Benefits of Contact Lenses:

 Contacts can help you see better without affecting your
appearance or interfering with many sports and activities.
 Contacts can give you clearer vision and improve the
ability to focus because they sit directly on the eyes

 Any weather conditions don’t affect contacts, they don’t
fog up
 Contacts can change the eye color – you can get creative

Glasses or Contact Lenses – What You Should Choose?

  1. Lifestyle – contacts are great for active people; frames can help project your personality and make a stylish fashion statement

  2. Comfort – contact lenses should be properly taken care, eyeglasses don’t need any care

  3. Budget – eyeglasses are cheaper in price and can be more economical because they don’t require frequent replacement

Tips for First Time Contact Lens Users

  1. Experience the most breathable and moisturizing lens on the market for unrivaled all-day comfort

  2. Before putting your contacts in each morning, be sure they aren’t inside down.

  3. Wash your hands before handling your contacts.

  4. Always clean your lenses. Use contact multipurpose solution that your doctor recommended you.

  5. Follow our doctor recommendations about the time of wearing and replacement.

  6. Always have a back-up pair of eyeglasses.




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